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Clear, consistent and connected…

A simple formula that harnesses complex thinking in its application across a variety of businesses sectors and clients; a dynamic approach that is backed up with a skill-set and intelligence that clients rely on… never a passive role – with circlesquare as your creative partner, you will see the difference from day 1.



Clarity of message is all-important and it should a stylistic experience that is appropriate to client and most importantly the audience. Defined by the brief and true to the aspirations of the business.


A confused and inconsistent approach to any creative activity is a waste of resource and spend, that is why the ‘creative partner’ approach works effectively, with circlesquare not only providing the key services but also ensuring that the direction set out is maintained, monitored and delivered upon.


Building and developing the possibilities depend on a credible understanding of the why’s, how’s and where’s – creating materials that harness the ideas and allow them to proliferate to an ever widening audience in a multi-channel delivery.
FMCG, hospitality, leisure, arts, IT, automotive, sustainability, finance… the knowledge, expertise and creative thinking of circlesquare has been used to dramatic business effect over many years, for a phenomenal range of clients.

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Circlesquare has the experience, knowledge and ability to understand your business, work alongside you as a creative partner and, effectively, be the resource that delivers on your promise to your customers.

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