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Relevant Creativity

A mantra I have consistently applied over the years, working across a variety of industry sectors, education and time spent as Creative Partner of one of Oxfordshire’s finest regional agencies.

It has resulted in highly impactful campaigns and below-the-line activity for many world leading brands and organisations – a few of which are featured below.


Q Stik – Brand Creation & Product Launch

Starting from ground zero and building a brand look for a new product launch. The pinnacle in bluetooth headset technology that was also being sold as a stylish fashion accessory…


TFL – Customer Communications

Working for one of the world’s greatest underground transport networks, provides challenges and opportunities to create communications that speak of the history and the heritage, while making sure they have the cut through and stand out to be noticed!


Rockwool – Product Launch

It’s a tough job and one that resulted in a phenomenal set of results! This product launch pitch win took a humble neglected product and upped its sales across the UK by 170%. Roadshows, POS, DM, Ads and the fondly remembered bacon butty van…


Carbon Trust – B2B Campaign

A B2B communications campaign that had sustainability as its core message – proving the case for the Carbon Trust, and its commitment to helping business realise how helping the environment has more than one kind of profit for all.


PCA – Course Creation

A journey from validation to the running of the first year intake, which resulted in two particular successes: A live brief from smart and a recruitment campaign run for St. Luke’s Hospice. A great achievement for a brand new course…

other things!

The circlesquare product portfolio featuring: limited edition newspapers, framed art pieces and the David Bowie Blackstar box, amongst a few other intriguing items…

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