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Classic Single Art Prints

The 60s/70s Collection

The Classic single art collection is available in two size options:

  • 12″ – £32.00 each
  • 18″ – £45.00 each
  • P&P – £3.50 (based on maximum of 4 prints per order, UK only.)

Stack em up…

Who doesn’t love a single? The magic of 2 tracks; an A and B side flipped on a turntable and blasting through whatever speakers you had to get maximum joy into life.

These classics, from my own collection, are presented in either 12″ or 18″ format as limited edition Giclée prints on fine art paper, with 7 choice cuts available on the first release:

  • David Bowie: Starman
  • The Beach Boys: Good Vibrations
  • Various: A Factory Sample
  • The Beatles: Twist And Shout
  • The Human League: Being Boiled
  • Sex Pistols: Anarchy In The UK
  • The Clash: White Man In Hammersmith Palais

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